Antony Keith van Dyk


Tony, my oldest son, was keen to advance his career further having reached the limit what he can achieve with his New Zealand employer and in New Zealand as a whole, hence he was looking for interesting job opportunities, below is his explanation. He has since found the job he wants with Rohm & Haas in Philadelphia, Pensylvania, USA, and has now started work for them in Philadelphia.

I am looking for a new job. My heart has been telling me to change my job to develop and extend myself. I've listened to my heart, summoned all my courage, thought everything through as best I can, and given my notice of resignation to my employer Resene Paints Ltd. I need a new environment, experience a different company, new challenges in research and development, pursue ideas I'm developing in theoretical coating and colorant formulation, learn new things, work on solving new problems. I need change and want to take on new challenges and projects.

Am I mad, or is my misspent youth catching up with me? My wife Ela has been very understanding and supportive, and the children of course think its all a great lark. Whether mad or inspired, Iíve committed the fate of myself and family into Godís hands. Why resign first and then look for a job? For one thing I am free to openly and professionally go about job hunting and networking. The other thing was that I value openness and honesty and it lets Resene know exactly where we stand.

My involvement in SCANZ Inc (Surface Coatings Association of New Zealand) in recent years has given me the opportunity to work with colleagues in the surface coatings industry. I've revelled in the organising, networking, persuading and influencing. I look forward to continuing my service to the best of my ability. My work at Resene has given me the opportunity to create and investigate, and to lead a small team of talented individuals. I have enjoyed it all immensely, plus the response and support I have received in return. Whilst my strengths are primarily in research and development I find growing enjoyment and fulfilment in developing my people skills.

I passionately enjoy creating and developing abstract ideas into commercial products and take great pride and satisfaction in seeing the end results put to good use. I relish working in a team environment and enjoy teaching, organising and influencing. My career interests are Physical Chemistry, Teaching, Administration, IT, Art, Writing and Colour. I'm fully prepared to relocate, learn a new language if need be, and immigrate to a new country. USA has special attraction. I look forward to opportunities to extend myself and to be an integral part of a competitive and dynamic organisation. I hope to develop myself further.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
  • Name: (Tony) Antony Keith Van Dyk
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Marital Status: Married Dependants: Twin boys, aged 15
  • Health: Excellent

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics Massey University 1997
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics Otago University 1981
  • Diploma in Science in Mathematics Massey University 1990
  • Diploma in Computer Programming International Correspondence Schools 1988

Professional Memberships
  • Member of SCANZ Inc (Surface Coatings Association of New Zealand) 1989
  • Approved Signatory IANZ (International Accreditation NZ) in the field of Chemical Testing 1992
  • ATSC, International Professional Grade of Associate in Surface Coatings Technology 1998
  • Chairman of SCANZ Wellington Section (Nominated for President of SCANZ Inc July 2000) 2000

Training Courses
  • First Aid, St John Ambulance, 2 day 1997, updated 1999
  • ISO9000 Auditing, 2 day, NZ Quality College, 1996
  • ISO9000 Quality Systems, 2 day, NZ Quality College, 1992
  • Time Management
  • Technical Management

Personal Strengths
  • Capable of creative and independent thought
  • Self motivated and responsible
  • Leadership ability
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Organisational ability
  • Scientific curiosity

Professional Strengths
  • Research
  • Product development
  • Technical knowledge
  • Project management
  • Training ability
  • Database design and development
  • ISO9000 Quality System development,NZ Environmental Choice expertise
  • Technical administration

Career Overview
Resene Paints Ltd 1982 .
Started work as a Night Shift Paint Chemist 1982 with Resene Paints Ltd after graduating from Otago University with a BSc honours in Physics. Studied Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, Physiology, Art and Literature at Otago University.
Work at Resene was initially split between night shift paint testing and assistant plant supervision, and paint research and development under Colin Gooch, Technical Director. Began full time product research and development. Researched colour measurement hardware and colour matching software. Promoted to Research and Development Manager 1985. Continued to do research and development with added duties of supervising two Night Shift Chemists. Created many industrial and decorative products including acrylic urethanes e.g. Uracryl, metal primers such as Galvo-Prime and Vinyl Etch, Broadwall plasterboard sealers and surfacers, wood stains e.g. Woodsman, and waterbased enamels such as Lustacryl.
Developed a new theory of corrosion prevention by paint coatings. Began part time study for PhD in mathematics 1991. Developed and solved a mathematical model of corrosion prevention by paint coatings (completed PhD 1997). Initiated and carried out redesign and testing of Resene products to create the only comprehensive range of Environmental Choice paints in New Zealand. Researched and solved an industry wide problem of paint skinning in pails 1998-99. Technology for prevention of skinning is now patented, and licensed to ACI Plastics Ltd.
Currently employed by Resene to manage the R&D Laboratory, with 4 R&D Chemists (including 3 Chemistry Ph.D.'s), the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) registered Laboratory and Laboratory Supervisor, and the Technical Clerk.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct research and development to create new products.
  • Develop, organise and control research programmes.
  • Analyse and evaluate raw materials, opposition products, technical and marketing literature, legislation, and technical information in general.
  • Investigate, solve and rectify problems in production, laboratory and the field.
  • Evaluate staff abilities, determine training requirements, and organise training and development of skills.
  • Apply statistical analysis to monitor production quality and laboratory test results. Improve products and manufacturing processes.
  • Maintain documentation and Formulations, and ensure that up to date dockets are available for issue to production.
  • Communicate the results of research.

Professional Achievements
Created and developed many decorative and industrial products: cleaning compounds, fillers, jointing compounds, stains, sealers, primers, undercoats, topcoats and colourants based on a wide range of technologies including urethane, epoxy, silane, silicate, alkyd, polyester, acrylic emulsions, cementitious coatings, and polyurethane dispersions. Some of the products I've developed, improved and maintained are Vinyl Etch Primer, Sureseal alkyd sealer, Blacktop bitumen coating, Multishield acrylic clear, Uracryl two pack urethane acrylic, Zylone Sheen low sheen acrylic, Galvo Prime water based metal primer, Polymeric AV8 vinyl, in-plant colourants, industrial point of sale colourants, silicone resin based industrial colourants, Jointflex cementitious jointing compound, Broadwall acrylic wallboard sealer, Surface Prep plasterboard skim coating, Enamacryl gloss acrylic waterbased enamel, Lustacryl semigloss acrylic waterbased enamel, Woodsman wood coating and stain, TimberLock timber preservative, Plastercote elastomeric concrete coating, Easy Sand Gib surfacer, SpaceCote low sheen acrylic enamel, and AquaShield water repellent exterior flat.
Helped set up company ISO9002 system and initiated and completed Environmental Choice License for Resene's products.
Designed and implemented MS ACCESS databases for Materials, Formulations, Research and Development, Colours, Material Safety Data Sheets, and HSNO and Toxic Substance compliance.
Set up ACS/Datacolor Paint II software and database for colour matching.
Developed and mathematically modelled a new theory of corrosion of metals under paint films.
Researched and solved an industry wide problem of paint skinning in pails. Technology for prevention of skinning is now patented, licensed to ACI Plastics Ltd, and being marketed in NZ, Australia, and USA.

Career Objectives

  • To work at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Pursue ideas in corrosion theory, pigment and emulsion dispersion and stabilisation, coatings research and design, film formation, mathematics and colour.
  • Research, invent, create, develop, and support production and marketing of, new products and ideas.
  • Work with a team of scientists and support staff with relative autonomy.
  • To be happy in my work. To work hard. To be appreciated.


Referees can be provided on request.

Patents and Publications

  • NZ Patent Application No 334390, Fixed base neutralised coating compositions.
  • International Patent Application PCT/NZ99/00199, Improved packaging design to reduce skinning of waterbased paint.
  • Co-authored "A Diffusion -Reaction Model for Corrosion of Zinc Coated Steel under Polymer Paint Films" in Differential Equations and Applications to Biology and Industry, World Scientific, 1996.
  • Presented papers at SCANZ Conferences 1997, 1999, and organised technical session and presented 2 papers at the 2000 conference in Rotorua, and papers published in conference proceedings.
  • Various articles published in the SCANZ magazine and on the SCANZ website. An Article on Latex Paints in Winter and a further Article on Architectural Coatings

Interests and activities
  • Family bushwalks
  • Drawing, and watercolour and acrylic painting
  • Playing violin
  • Judo

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