Our Dog "Tilley"

How she lived and died

After talking about it for a couple of years we took the plunge and bought a dog. A three year old rough coated Jack Russell bitch. Nice temperament and with a quiet disposition. Healthy enough, 6.3kg in weight.
Two weeks after arriving she escaped into the Bushland corridor behind us and treed three bush turkeys, it took hours to get her back home. The little escape artist did it twice again, this time on the road in front of the house. Since then under closer supervision.

In November 2002 we moved to Tullamore Downs, Gleneagle (near Beaudesert) to a semi rural environment this time with a much larger lot approx 4000sq m.
As we suspected despite the lot being well fenced there were no barriers to Tilley once off the lead.
A graphic example was after yet another escape we noticed beyond our back yard fence one after an other kangaroo speeding past. Bringing up the rear was Tilley hunting animals 10 times her size.
Closer at home in our backyard she managed to catch and kill a few whip snakes when escaping again and again. On a couple of occasions I had a tug of war with her, did not want her to get a poisionous bite but the result always was that I ended up with only half the snake.

Back at Cornubia she insisted in hunting and killing cane toads. On several occasions the poison caused her to go into convulsions and we expected that the next day she would be dead. Not Tilley a good night sleep and she she was ready for anything.
Her demise - further on.

TilleyTilley, our new arrival Tilley on computerTilley on the computer

on the rugOn the rug in livingroom on the chairIn the lounge

with NiamhTilley with Niamh huntingHunting with TonyAny one's friend

October 2001

latest photo

February 2002

wreckingIn wrecking mood after wreckingEnough wrecking

bad hair dayBad hair day toysTilley's toys sleepSleeping

Tilley's Breeder's website

An interesting Website about Jack Russells

Tilley 2003June 2003

Once again of the lead (and hunting) she discovered a large cane toad and killed it to death, this time it was her last kill, it took less than an hour for her to die. Here is a picture off her grave.

Tlley's grave

Hennie van Dyk

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