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Subjects: New Blog website, ANZ Bank userers fees, Keeping my brain active, Telstra Service, Userers, ASDN Service (rather lack of service). Tooth, Amazing Story, Mower break down, Broadband in Queensland the "Smart State" (being with a 26kb connection 5 km from the nearest phone exchange) - My 11 month old SHARP TV (under guarantee) now repaired, Tilley our dog which died, Cooking my meal - Moving house -My medic - l problem - HTML writer - The scare is over - The floating mouse - Service, lack thereof - Morals - Nappy change - Use 100% of your brain - God's waiting room - Wisdom? - My brain - Koala - Time expander - Koala Rescue - Margaret's surgery - Smoking teenagers at Southbank at New Years eve - One out growths people - Cane toad alert - Confidence - Computer Service Experience.

ANZ Bank userers fees
I tried to bank a small dividend cheque of NZ$26.71 at a New Zealand ANZ branch into my bank account while over there but was told I would have to do so in Australia into my ANZ account there as the cheque was endorsed 'not transferable'. This proved a major exercise when I went to my local ANZ branch. Firstly I was told that there was a 4 week holding period before the funds were released, pointing out the small amount involved this was waived. Converting the amount into Australian dollars reduced the amount to A$24.07 but two charges were made a $2 service fee and a further $5 fee to process the (foreign) cheque reducing the amount deposited into my account to $17.07. I thought ANZ stood for Australian and New Zealand Bank. I suppose the $2 fee was needed to process the transaction, as it took 3 visits by the cashier to the supervisor and numerous forms to fill out but the money for jam fee of $5 was outragous. Where is common sense in dealing with such minor problems?

Keeping my brain active
I enjoy developing and extending websites, it being a great hobby but this activity also has a somewhat selfish ulterior motive in that it is a means to keep my brain fully alive and well, the bonus being becoming very mentally stimulated when on some extended tasks. During one of these sessions I was surprised at the extended reach, speed of thinking and abilty of holding a wider range of thoughts in my mind while plodding along at rather basic html programming. As this page says it's for rambling thoughts and great to be able to share this.

Telstra Service
I'm on ISDN, expensive, second best to Broadband which I would like but the service works well enough for my purpose although I hate the 5hr limit which frequently cuts out when down or uploading a program or file and that damn 500MB limit, can't affort the other plan for no limit.
My problem was that the phone reception started to deteriate with crackles and pops so you could hardly hear what was said. Tried everything I knew, checking lines, using alternative phone, cleaning contacts and in desperation bought a new phone (the old one being only a few years old) - no difference. In desperation phoned faults and was pleasantly surprised by the pleasantly voiced lady (after being subjected to the Telstra wait and musac) who after asking a few sensible questions organised a service order advising I would be contacted the following Monday pm. Happy surprise in receiving a phone call by a senior technician, Alan, on the Saturday morning who tested the line and fixed it mainly (small amount of noice left), next day the reception altogether was fine, great to talk to my better half in New Zealand at present. Congrats Alan.

Organising an International conference for our Bonzer-ezine for seniors celebrating our 5 years in existence, to start the ball rolling so to speak, I set a registration fee at $50 and to make my life easier requested that this amount be deposited into a bank account opened for this purpose. Surprise for our overseas members, major USA banks charge $30 to effect the transfer (Canadian banks taking the same approach). Received one such deposit into the account to find that my bank charged me $10 hence the cost of the transfer is $40 for the $50 transfer. This is unbeleavable, userers in the many years past where put to death for such crimes and I hope that my senior Bonzer writers pool their skills to publicise this blatant crime.

Continued saga about ASDN service wanted
The Telco saga continues - previously I commented on my efforts to obtain this elusive service and astounding way Telstra goes about servicing it's customers. Having (reluctantly) agreed for the installation of ISND September last year as an alternative stop gap and as suggested I recorded my interest for ASDN installation when it became available in my area and on my phone line.
Friday 20 May 2005 a Telstra Consultant phoned to advise that the ADSN service was now available did I want it? I did but enquired was it available on my line (converted from a paired line to ISDN)? the answer was yes, the service having become available in the past few weeks. I accepted the offer and agreed to formally apply (again) and received an email a few days later confirming and advising I would receive the required data in 5-7 days to proceed. Phoned on 3 June and was told that it could take up to three weeks before I would be contacted in my type of case (converting from ISDN)
Phoned on 10 June to be adviced the tech team had been adviced on 2 June and I would be contacted 13/14 June, it's the 18th and I'm counting. Later - 23 June still no advice, phoned to be adviced that my order was still under action (investigation?) and I would be adviced eventually. Received a phone call today (29 June 2005) that broadband was not available and my order was cancelled. I could hardly hear the techician speak, the mobile he was using barely in reach, perhaps I'm picky but one would expect better communication. Pressing for an answer 'when was it available?' I was told 'in 6 months time'.
Telstra's new CEO stated 'it was service' he would be concentrating on 'good luck to him' his staff has other ideas.

Tooth abscess
November 2004
My jaw was sore and finding a small abscess below one of my molar teeth I took myself off to the local Dental Hospital. After a brief inspection and in order to be friendly the young man, the Dentist, John said I can't remember your name, when did I see you last. My retort was never have seen you before. He asked was my tooth painful, reply no, my jaw was and there is a small lump there. After another quick look said sniggering, you need a root canal and crown job done by a private dentist. Advising him that I could not afford that and that being the reason I was at the Dental Hospital clinic, he advised, with some enthusiasm, in that case I'm happy to pull the tooth out, I do it right now if you wish. I thanked him nicely and left, went home and looked up the internet to find that such is the common practice still after over 30 years and no medical advance has been made in this area, mind you why knock a good cash cow on it's head. There was also an interesting article by a renown US Dental Surgeon immediately following his retirement as head of the Dental Assn and research Institute publishing substantial research material available for many years that despite root canal work infections were seldom cleared and always popped up later. The research stopped short of clearly outlining what to do about the problem. A month later with larger lump and very sore jaw I had the molar removed. I was told no antibiotics were required but if a thumping pain developed to come back. I did have an infection but found the Dental Hospital Clinic closed for three weeks over the Christmas period. Going to my GP I received the needed medication to clear the infection.

Even More Amazing
While waiting for the service I ordered (see story below) I received my first bill from Telstra.
Following my usual practice I proceeded to pay the bill via the Internet, a straightforward routine I have followed for years with previous Telco's to find that paying a Telstra bill I would be charged with a cash credit charge (at the usual exorbitant interest rate), aborting this idea I decided to pay the bill in person and visit the local Post Office, paying as usual by credit card (to gather the points) to find that lo and behold, no credit card accepted but a debit card was but a charge would be made if you want to pay that way. None of the opposition Telco’s are following this course at present but they might if they see it's so easy to rip of the public.
I now have my ISND service and it's working ok.

Amazing Story
Three weeks ago I realized that it would take years before I could get an ASDN service at my location. The alternative is an ISND connection. Applying for this I was required to transfer my phone services to Telstra and wait 3 weeks for the line installation then apply for the installation to be completed. Reluctantly I agreed to proceed after seeking assurance that this service was actually available at my address, ADSL not being available. Assurance was given (also previously by two divisional managers). Phoning for progress after waiting for 3 weeks I was advised the installation order was cancelled, the service was not available. Asking for verification (waiting again this time for over 10 minutes on the phone) was told Telstra had run out of ISDN cards to install in their Beaudesert exchange and to re-apply in 3-4 months time. I'm now stuck with my phones transferred to Telstra at a much greater monthly cost, the current 28.8 kb speed ailing at times to low twenties kb sec. and uncertainty when if ever the service undertaken would be delivered. Having sought the assistance of a senior Telstra manager I'm now awaiting review what can be done to assist.

Mower breakdown - Feb/March
Moving to a semi rural area with a larger lot of 3/4 acre in Tullamore Downs, Beaudesert one of the challenges was to mow the extensive lawns. The other is to adjust to the slower pace of life in a rural environment which I haven't achieved yet hence my reaction to the following. We bought a new "Toro", a 6.5 hp self-propelled lawnmower to handle the lawns. It did it's job well over the past 11 months the only maintenance being required replacement of the sparkplug, cleaning the air filter and a change of oil. Early February happily mowing along all of a sudden with a shudder and clang to mower ceased to operate and lo and behold it had divested itself from the blade and blade holder, in fact the lot had fractured off. It was a mystery why this occurred not hitting a stone or branch. Re-attaching the lot and restarting did not work. Taking to machine back to the retailer advising that the "Toro" was still under guarantee I hoped for an early repair. Phoning two weeks later was advised they would have a look soon and phone back which they did the following day to advise, "a replacement part was required and was ordered". Phoning a few days later "sorry the part has not yet arrived". Phoning a few days later again "the part arrived yesterday and your mower should be ready that day or next". Several days later (6 March) I was able to pick up the repaired mower. It may be that I have a suspicious nature but as there is little money to be made in guarantee work I was obviously well down the repair list and being the sole supplier in this area obviously it's a case of take it or leave it. I must say that the repaired mower looked like and operated like new.

Queensland the Smart State?
Broadband - ADSL
Queensland professes to be the "Smart State". Being of mature age I accepted this at face value until I came face to face with the opposite. Living in a semi rural environment, a fast developing outer suburban area, 5km from the nearest phone exchange, about 50km from Brisbane City, I felt the need to take advantage of the recent out-rolling of "broadband" in Queensland, to you in the USA that happened to you 10+ years ago? I'm suffering a dial-up connection, which only produces 28kb because the one and only provider of phone line and exchange services in Australia feel that a paired line is ok for me (more so for their pocket). With help from the Federal member of Parliament I was able to get actual access for information on my problem (other than, sorry ADSL is not available to you) However the alternatives are interesting. Satellite, horrendous installation costs, still need modem access to upload (at my kb rate?) monthly cost reflected in the fantastic net profit of the service provider TELSTRA achieves because of their monopoly. The idea was to reduce cost with a better service. IDSL is also available but it's not as suitable to me but would be ok, I asked "can I use my ISP, not the least to keep my monthly cost down but also have a superior service", was told ok but please pay an extra $ A30.00 @ month for this service. Boy oh boy - competition in the "Smart State?" Once again the Federal Commission of anti commercial practices has stepped in to deal with this latest problem. I'm waiting with baited breath.

Our SHARP TV under repair My wide screen analogue TV I bought 11 months ago ceased to respond to it's remote. I took the remote control in to the dealer who tested it and said it must be the TV. Advised him I would be back with the TV to be repaired under the guarantee but as I lived 50 km away it would be the next day. Their comment "don't bother to do that the SHARP service center will close down shortly for their annual holidays" (this was mid December) "and not re-open till mid January, more ever they always have a waiting list of repairs of several weeks, more delay if they have to call for parts from 'Sydney'". Ok I advised I would bring the set in feeling having no option. "Sorry we don't have room to store your TV waits until the New Year" (when the guarantee expires?). Nevertheless left it there. It was fixed 6 weeks later (minor replacement of a diode) If I knew what the problem was could have done it myself! This is the new face of service - wash your hands of whatever you sell. I had send an email to the SHARP people at their HO in Australia for help and got the public relations response that all SHARP equipment is tested after manufacture and is seldom found to have faults and if the remote was at fault it was not under guarantee. Thank you mar SHARP

Every so often I check if my mental capacities remain on standard so to speak. That is I have a good look every 1/3 years. This is one of those occasions I suppose because my 73rd year is looming. In doing so my first impression is that being 20 or more years from my main job involvement things are not much different. Being peeved about the poor broadband (ADSL) access in my new location (only 5km from the local exchange) I took up the cudgels and contacted my local Councilor, State member(s) and federal member to voice my complaint. At this stage, and getting feed back, this one is quick the other one is slow one did not reply at all, I realized, hang on you are back on the old track and having all my wits around me and back to my old hobby horse “if you want anything go for it all out”. I think I have learned, having stirred the pot I'm sitting back and look for any results. More comments about IT – broadband (ADSL) with its interesting variations of speed delivery (pay more for less speed) and horrors (IDSL) a great moneymaker in the article "the smart State".

Still missing Tilley, our dog which died

You can see our involvement with tilley.htmlTilley. We felt we did not want because of commitment, ties, practical and emotional involvement.

Cooking my meal

Margaret is in New Zealand at present with her grand children and I'm a grass widower for a few weeks. As I like cooking I eat well and normally go to a bit of bother to put a meal together. Yesterday I had retrieved some lamb cutlets from the freezer eating two leaving the other two for today. I had a build-up of used dishes thus put the dishwasher on to clean them all except the small frying pan I used to pan-fry the lamb cutlets. As I saw some dried fat (butter I thought) in the pan felt it was a waste of time cleaning it before re-using it. Cooked a nice selection of vegetables and pan-fried the cutlets and sat down to eat. One bite of the cutlets revealed all was not well. I had, as is my usual practice, put some concentrate dish wash in the pan to ease the cleaning subsequently thus I had cooked the cutlets in detergent, awful. Tilley can have them tomorrow.

Moving house

We have sold our home and have moved to Tullamore Downs (Gleneagle) (near Beaudesert, Queensland).
A smaller community, slower life style away from suburbia living on 3/4 acre developed gardens. Some photos of the backyard on my website.

Selling Up

We have taken the bull by the horns and put our house on the market. You may ask why? As usual there are a number of reasons. Having been in our new home for over 7 years we have itchy feet again. Having completed all we have set out to do within the house and the garden newer interests has taken over. Margaret's oil painting and my web developing activities is a couple of examples. We would like a rambling larger house and would not be adverse to live again in a smaller community. But who knows where we end up. Real Estate is doing well in our area, our friends having sold and probably moving away gave us the added momentum to act. We have set our price and time will tell what the outcome is of our latest venture.

Medical problem

Possessing a large prostate this played up in a major way developing urine retention about a week ago causing a rapid visit to the hospital. The relief of the insertion of a catheter was great. Not so was the follow-up medical attention. Being in a teaching hospital the Registrar, having in tow two trainee doctors commenced their investigation, which includes the finger in the backside technique (digital examination). However on this occasion after a good feel the Registrar turned around and, what I thought in an elegant manner, invited the young doctors to also have feel to see what it felt like, Oh, a large one each of them said. Anyway I'm up for an operation in several weeks time.

HTLM writer

I have been pre-occupied for many days this last month with writing html pages for the Bonzer-ezine magazine. This came about being approached agreeing to assist. As it turned out I landed the job as replacement developer of the site and instead of helping out undertaking the whole of the task of putting the monthly issue on the net. This was a fast learning curve of some dimensions. In the early stages wondered what on earth had I let myself in for but it gradually sorted itself out and I became quite scuffed having mastered all the various facets, certainly learned a lot in the process.

The scare is over

Detailed scans and x-rays proved that the so called moving lump proved to be no other than a milk duct, not a so called lump at all (benign or otherwise), great news for us both. It was a scary time and Margaret was living from day to day. Mind you to keep her fully occupied she undertook more than the usual tasks in the house and garden. Having signed up as a phone carer for breast cancer sufferers she will able to give valuable support after she has completed her training program.

Floating Mouse

Margaret went for her regular 3 monthly checks up at the breast clinic. On this occasion she was advised that she had a floating mouse in her breast. The other one was operated on a year ago to remove a mildly malignant lump. Apparently this small moving around lump should be benign; anyway tests will prove one way or other. Life is not meant to be easy and one does not know around the corner.

Service, lack thereof

Sometime last month (April 2001) I visited a Kodak franchise shop in the Logan Hyperdome to purchase a replacement Pentax camera battery, not being exactly sure of the model camera, or replacement battery model, asked the shop owner to assist. We jointly came to the conclusion that most likely it was K123LA but if it were the wrong one to return it, bringing in the camera or old battery and he would replace it. Bought the battery on that basis for $14.30Aus and placed it in the camera bag (for when I needed it next). Next was a month later, found it was the wrong battery, took it in with the old one, expected a replacement and hoped for refund of the difference in cost. I was rudely and flatly refused as the packet was opened, told they would not dream of replacing it. Had the feeling being almost ushered out of the door. This is one place to avoid, not only for the service or lack there off but finding that the purchase cost of their batteries is more than anyone else. Higher prices, lesser service?


Returning home one night from a meeting recently, it was dark by that stage, discovered a fire hydrant in place with fire hose leading into the yard of one of our neighbors. The initial reaction was that an emergency had taken place and what was it. Up rather early the following morning, fire hydrant and hose had disappeared. Questioning around revealed that this equipment was circulating amongst friends to fill their swimming pool in the wee hours of the night to avoid detection and avoid the usual fee of $100 to fill ones pool. We blame politicians for lack of morals but what standards are these?

Nappy Change

During our weekly shopping at the hyper dome we took a rest and had something to eat at one of the many tables and chairs provided for that purpose. After a short while, to our astonishment, we observed a young mother accompanied by her mother (in law?) placing their newly born baby on their table removing the nappy and proceeding to clean the poo, this process taking a while playing with the baby at the same time. A security guard having been alerted advised the couple of the existence of the superb facilities available in the complex just designed for the purpose, the questions how could they, pity the person eating at that table after the where gone.

Use 100% of your Brain

1) Get used to your body in new ways. Switch your handedness and comb your hair, brush your teeth, stir your coffee or do other simple tasks with your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and "sense" your way slowly around a room. Get truly conscious of the sounds and smells in the space around you. Also, use your feet to pick up things, flush the toilet or close a door. Read a page in a book held vertically and then upside down!
2) Where normally you would criticize someone, find something to compliment him or her on instead! Suspend your judgment about that person as well, and view him (her) as simply another human being with different viewpoints than your own.
3) Look in your refrigerator briefly, but thoroughly. Then close the door and enumerate the items contained therein. Do the same with a room of your house, a storefront window or a detailed picture on the wall.
4) For 5 minutes every day, put you in another person's shoes and view things from another person's perspective for a change and see how it feels. Suspend your judgment about that person as well. Pretend you're an actor and taking on the part of that person in exact demeanor and manner. Feel how it feels!!
5) Whenever you catch yourself worrying, doubting or looking down on yourself, think instead of what you most want out of life in complete detail, and affirm to yourself the achievement of same. Replay this positive inner movie whenever negative thoughts intrude during your day.
6) At the end of every daily hour, review what happened to you during the previous 60 minutes. This is good practice for getting more mindful throughout your day, and should only take seconds to do. At day's end, mentally review all the events that happened to you throughout the day up to your present point. Memory gaps about your day's events reveal unconscious moments.
7) To develop flexibility and adaptability to change in your life, do something different every day. Shop at a different store. Take a different route home. Bake a pie or a loaf of bread. Involve yourself in a new game or sport, like roller-skating, bowling, karate or skydiving. Introduce yourself to a new neighbor. Sameness every day is a death knell to your brain. For more complete usage of your brain, diverse stimulation is the key. It also gets you unstuck from habits and ruts that are bringing you unfavorable results.

God's waiting room

We live not that far from Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast. This area has been referred to from time to time as "God's waiting room" because of the many retired couples settling there. More recently the area has been renames as "God's repair shop" for the same retired couples settling there.


As a teenager I was totally convinced that the world would be a better place if "common sense" was applied to all aspects of life, not only would life be simpler but every one a lot happier. Just image, as a teenager, how convinced I believed having found a universal truth. Issues and beliefs were clear (in black and white) - Now - with the age of maturity, after consideration, taking all factors into account, has I lost something there?

My brain

My brain is like a restless animal, seldom giving me peace. The trick is to be aware of this when "feeling", I react then and usually succeed in acting, selecting a task or activity, and it helps. I do drive myself ruthlessly, but to what purpose and where?
If I am like this at 69 there appears not much of a chance for me to sit in a rocker an cogitate. Sometimes I ask the question whether my neurological system was so wired that I have to communicate with myself, calm down boy, have a look at this, busy yourself with that, get your teeth into that.
I said this was a rambling page didn’t I; love to get any one to communicate.

Koala in trouble

When going for a walk on the path in the wild life corridor Park, adjoining the back of our property, I discovered a koala, only a short distance from the concrete path, curled up at the foot of a tree. This was most unusual, as koalas never leave their tree and if on the ground run like mad to get up another tree. I called the koala emergency center and less than 10 minutes later their koala ambulance arrived. They confirmed that there was something seriously wrong. Inspection revealed that it was a very old koala, on its last legs so to speak and they placed it carefully in their cage to take it to their center. I was told that if koalas get very old they wear down their teeth and are then unable to eat thus die of starvation in the wild. They promised to let me know the koala's fate but not having phoned me the koala probably died.

Expand time

Have you found that there are not enough hours in the day? I manage to just scrape by, missing is the odd nap, casual reading, up to an hour a day would do. How do we go about creating an improvement? Cutting down time on the computer? no way!, less time spend on gardening?, haven't mown the lawns for weeks! Less sleeping time? there is an idea, afteral you are not awake then are you. Perhaps there is somewhere on the Internet a time expander. What a great idea, must look out for one

Koala rescue

This is about a rescue that was not. We went for our usual walk along the path in the Bush Reserve behind our house when we came across a Koala, in distress we thought, it sat only 7ft up a slender tree, had an infected eye and its fur on the shoulders looked ruffled, we had visions of it being attacked by a dog. We contacted the Koala rescue (ambulance) center and an officer arrived not soon after with all the rescue gear. In the meantime the Koala had removed itself to a larger tree. Little did we know how the wild Life Officers go about their job. The officer agreed the animal should be checked over and if ok released in due course in the same spot. A very long telescopic pole was assembled, this thing had a bundle of plastic scraps on its top and this was used to provoke the Koala to go down the tree and ultimately (hopefully) into the catching tool. Being a very stroppy animal this took a great deal of time with many false starts. The Koala reversed its steps many a time, bit the offending plastic scraps, took time of to eat some leaves but at last he was near the ground when he shot up to the top of tree unwilling to budge. By then it was clear that he did not want to be rescued and we left him to it, and we all left with the tail between our legs.

Margaret and surgery

We had planned to travel to New Zealand for Christmas to be there with our families, particularly to see Margaret's daughter's twin girls, when a routine breast scan revealed a lump, which was removed promptly, as well as some of the armpit lymph nodes. She has recovered well and is now finished her radium treatment as a preventative follow up treatment. We were lucky to have discovered the cancer so early from one of her regular mammograms and would urge all women to have this regularly done.

Smoking teenagers

New Year's eve Margaret and I, with friends, spend New Year's evening at Southbank (Brisbane City) with over 500 000 others in Brisbane to while away the evening and watch the fireworks. It was a balmy evening and pleasant time, as you would expect, there was a preponderance of teenagers and young people, but what struck us all how many (nearly all of the female youngsters) smoking, not occasionally, but chain smoking at that. (So says an experienced heavy smoker from 40 years back), surprisingly few of the young males indulged that way. What a sad image, what a pity.

Outgrowing people?

This time of the year one reflects and not the least on people you have known for a long time, some a lifetime, (particularly going over the list of Christmas and New Year cards to send). Even more revealing are the messages on the cards received. One ponders do they still live there? Is their horizon that small? I have changed, grown, but have they? Life goes on of course and people do change at different rates (or not at all) and a brief view into the past can be revealing of oneself.

Cane toad alert

Here in Queensland we have a Cane toad problem. These blighters where imported years ago from overseas to help the sugar cane growers control beetles who were decimating their cane crops. As it transpired the cane toads were not interested in the beetles but liked life so much in Queensland that they multiplied in great numbers immigrating down from the top on the continent down to lower Queensland and down South into New South Wales. Predators don't like them as they have large poison glands, thus if eaten, wild life die from the poison and that applies to larger animals, like a dog, unless urgent action is taken. RSPCA recommends the eradication of this pest to save our wild life. They also urge not to follow the Queensland methods of either attacking them with a no 7 golf iron nor spreading them out on the road and driving the car over them but catching them and putting them in the freezer for a humane death. This we have been doing for some time now and we have developed our own routine, which goes like this. Margaret yelling, "Hennie Cane toad near the pond!” I grab a plastic bag while Margaret keeps the toad under observation. Rush outside and carefully approach the toad, a grab, into the plastic bag and into the freezer. The toads are so confident not having any predator (other than man) that they just sit there glaring at you. Some of them are big, the largest we have caught are two hands full, and up North they fill a dinner plate.

Self Confidence

Do you feel sometimes frustrated? The feeling that you are getting nowhere or even despondent. My attitude over the years has been to analyze and be clear what is bugging me and than make up my mind what (if any) I want to do about it. It has given me great comfort over the years to be able to decide, yes I want to change myself (or not), that sometimes may take a long time, but more importantly, no I don't want to change (or I cannot change) but I will change my environment to suit me. This tends to take time and effort but in the main has worked with little and big things and at my age looking back can see the benefit of this approach as over the years it all has become automatic and given a lot of peace of mind. I know every one is different but give it a bit of thought.

Computer Service Experience

Having decided to replace my elderly black and white Panasonic printer with a color one (middle of the range) with option to print photos as well, purchased one, and installed it without a blush. Test pages to prove that I had done it ok.
Being at it decided to upgrade the modem to a 56k one as well. This also went without a hitch and I enjoyed the better experience traveling faster around the net.
Back to the new printer to learn to use it well. Lo and behold could not get it to work, revisited all the instructions but no luck.
Back to the shop, explained the position that the newly installed equipment was fighting for position on the ports on the computer. To my surprise I was required to sign in and leave the computer there (thought tweaking the ports or interrupts would fix the problem in a few minutes). Home retrieving my redundant computer, looking up Microsoft Q&A revealed that this sort of problem is common, although it took two whole pages to explain.
Picking up the adjusted computer, for a hefty bill, I rebelled, but was able to negotiate a compromise on the cost of the service charge.
The moral off all this? Why should a customer be charged a hefty fee for lack of experience and or incompetence? I wonder how many people are intimidated and think this is the norm?

If you have landed on this page and have any comments please do so, I look forward hearing from you. This page will be updated from time to time so look it up occasionally

Hennie van Dyk