Mark was keen to stay with us and hoped to do so in 2007 but this did not eventuate then, instead his mother taking him and Davis to The Philipines to visit family there. He remained in email contact since then until it became possible to come to Australia and stay with us. Mark arrived on 2nd July 2008 with his Dad and brother Davis, the latter two returning to home in Philadelphia on 9th July Mark staying with us untill 6th August 2008.

Mark's exploring soon after arrival.

Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 1 Mark 4

Monastery visit.

monastry 1 monastry 2 monastry 3

More photos visiting the Monastery.

Mt Tamborine's visit.

Mt Tambourine 1 Mt Tambourine 2 Mt Tambourine 3

More photos visiting Mt Tamborine.

Ant and Davis's departure.

Ant and Davis leaving Ant and Davis leaving

Activities when with us - collecting shells and making mosaics.

Mark 1 Mark 1 Mark 1 Mark 1 Mark 1 Mark 1

Background completed by Margaret after Mark had left.


More Activities.

puzzle Wasgij puzzle. on the computer Talking to Davis.

Looking for tiles for mosaic use at the Logan Recycle Center.

logan recycle center logan recycle center

Daisy Hill Park visit.

Daisy Hill 1 Daisy Hill 2 Daisy Hill 3

Golf at the Beaudesert Golf Course.

golf 1 golf 2 golf 3

Dreamworld visit.

dreamworld 3 dreamworld 1 dreamworld 2

More photos visiting Dreamworld.

Mark departure from the Brisbane International Airport.

At the airport At the airport Airport view

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