colour line

photo of Margaret

Margaret has started oil painting during 2001 and this was her first attempt after one lesson.

first paintingFirst effort Landscape Larger view Later landscapeLater

paintingPainting outdoors vaseAnother early project

FruitAnother project under construction perspectiveAlso not yet completed.

new projectStart of August 2001 project
Art on wallArt on the wall February ArtFebruary 2002  frogMarch 2002
Late 2002

fruitStill life late 2002Partly completed elevated houseFarm house

Terry O'Connor's Art workshop, Margaret is on the left, Terry on the right.

photo of Art workshop /

Starting painting again in Tullamore Downs

impatientsImpatiens landscape Landscape churchChurch

rocksMossman Gorge naive artNaive Art Project (just blocked in)

Start of card making

cardAn early card workdeskWork desk later deskLater desk bookcaseBookcase

June 2006 - Start of Folk Art - Acrylic paint

catthe cat bird of paradisebird of paradise strawberriesstrawberries

January 2007

Elephant OwlOwl coastersCoasters round1 ScarecrowScarecrow

Making Bookmarks - May 2007


Mosaics May 2008

M2     M5 M6

More mosaics

Margaret started writing for Bonzer in June 2008 where she had a regular column 'My Garden' later changed to 'Dog's Breakfast. From May 2009 her column appeared in BonzerPlus, the 'WordPress' Blog Website.
The Bonzer website closed several years ago however the published website articles are archived on the Governments Pandora National Library Archive Website Here Search for Margaret's columns (from June 2008 onwards) 'My Garden' and 'Dog's Breakfast'on the Pandora Website.

Here are links to Art related web sites

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