photo of Gloria McKayGLORIA MACKAY lives near Puget Sound not far from Seattle, Washington, USA. Here she digs clams and drops crab pots with her four grandchildren, weaves, and almost every day—rain or shine—she writes. The focus of her work is her weekly radio program where she reads what she writes.
Gloria is the editor for Bonzer
You will find details of Gloria's book 'Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones' (a collection of her writing, available as a ebook) at

John Powell JOHN POWELL:John is another Bonzer contributor. John is the link checker for Bonzer.
In 1946, seeing army service in Palestine with the Welsh Guards and the Airborne forces, he learnt arabic and returned there to work in the oil industry. There he was posted, mainly, to the construction gang building pipelines in the Lebanon and through the Syrian and Iraqi deserts, and was responsible for the hire of labour from the towns and Bedouin tribes and liaising with Government officials. He also witnessed the birth of Israel and the decline of British influence in the Middle East.
Migrating to Australia in 1951, he qualified as an accountant and, also, as a chartered secretary. He is now retired, bombards our long-suffering Bonzer Editor with articles and drives the neighbours mad by belting out jazz and boogie-woogie, at high volume on his music keyboard. He reckons it sounds terrific.
John, has burst into print on the Australian federal government's website for people over fifty

John and Mary in EnglandIn England John and Mary in LebanonIn Lebanon John and Mary in ParisWith Mary

More photos of John and his family.

violet VIOLET HALL (Pen name Violet Apted) Violet is a long time Bonzer contributor. She has Two Daughters One Son... five adorable grandchildren.
Originally from Sussex also having lived in Kent UK. Emigrated to Australia 30yrs ago now living on the coast of Moreton Bay near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Violet is an accomplished writer. Here is her background.
Violet's email

photo of Peter

PETER PAYAN: Peter worked for one company in the insurance industry all his working life, but now enjoys volunteer work, learning to line dance, international travel and exploring Canada, where he lives in Montreal with his wife. He has two children and now two grand children. Peter's e-mail address
Peter is a regular contributor to Bonzer.

Nick Ogbourne NICK OGBOURNE: Originally from the UK, Nick first spent 30 years in Tasmania, moved from Gosford to Wauchope, near Port Macquarie in NSW with his wife, Wendy. Now retired, he has worked as a computer consultant in the field of IT Disaster Recovery and owned his own business.
He is now enjoying life at a slower pace, while keeping his hand in with some voluntary work web-design and technical support. He is an avid gardener, and a doting grand-father.
Nick has assisted me with Bonzer with his valuable technical expertise.

photo of Kath KATH MOUNSEY: Kath grew up in Melbourne in Surrey Hills and Canterbury and after I she married, went to live in Mount Waverley where she have been for the last forty-one years. Kath his her monthly 'humerous stories' page in Bonzer.

Betty Collins BETTY COLLINS: Betty was born in Cape Town, and moved to Adelaide to join her daughters in 1995. (Her son lives in Vancouver).
She writes for Bonzer occasionally, but spends most of her time footling around with poetry groups, talking and writing poetry, and chatting about this and that.

Hennie van Dyk
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