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We are experiencing graffity problems in Parkview Park and surrounds. Some progress has been made to keep it under control but problems keep re-occurring, any comments would be appreciated.

First a bit of History about graffiti Click on the images to enlarge

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Graffiti on the entrance sign

Graffiti on the fence bordering the Park. Graffiti on a fencepost in the Park.The post has since been removed

Graffiti on a beanch seat Graffiti on the path

Later graffiti on the front of the entrance sign. Graffiti to the back of the sign.

24 July 2000

The bench nearby Near us in the Park Path near us

On the path

On 23rd August 2000 we removed the following mess

Back of entrance sign Near the sign Also on the path

Graffiti on fences - October 2000

August 2001, vandals destroy our latest planting

Closer view Longer view

Saved from burning

Graffiti attack soon after