June 2003 backyard views

backyard     rear backyard     rear of house  rear boundary

February 2008 backyard views

rear 1 rear 2 rear 3 cove

The ponds

the pond     the pond     pond-June2003   

next doornext door

Beyond the rear fence

beyond the fence beyond the fence 1 beyond the fence 2 beyond the fence 3

Margaret's vegetable garden

vegetable gardernEarly garden vegetable gardern 2More garden

More photos of the vegetable garden

adjacent to the terracehibiscus bulbsbulbs in flower bulbsMarch 2006

red pointsettierred poinsettier white pointsettierwhite poinsettier

Rear garden

inflower 1 inflower 2December 2004 galahsMarch 2006 garden seatOctober 2007

Wedding rose

wedding rose December 2004 Oct 06October 2006


bougainvillea 1 See the bouganvilias page

The front of our property

pointcianapointciana front fencefront fence fence lineFebruary 2008

March 2005

statuteStatute in the garden

December 2005 at the entrance of our property

red treeFowers, no leaves jacarandaJacaranda

See the jacaranda page

Mid December 2005

mangos / Mangos kpaws Kangaroo Paws flowers Show of Flowers

March 2006

cacti in treeFlowering cacti in the tree. dragon fruitThe fruit

More Dragon Fruit photos

Our Orchid in flower

custard apple treeCustard apple tree orchid orchid

Banana tree

Banana treeDecember 2006 Feb 2008February 2008

See the bananas page

New rock garden at the front

1March 2007 front garden rock gardenFebruary 2008

May 2007 - nearly in flower

ready to flower     top of plant     plant3

Plant stand on the verandah

plant standMay 2007

The cutting down of some gum trees - November 2007.

7 5 1

Gum Trees Page

Flowering Palm Trees

creamfront December 2006 rosefront 2February 2008 rosefront

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