As webmaster for Bonzer, from December 2001 till March 2007, I published a monthly Tech Tips page, below are the links to the various pages.
  • December 2001 Register cleaner. Using Windows ME operation system? usefull hints how to use your computer more effectively.

  • February 2002Anti spam programs "Lava Soft", "Scambusters", "email stripper", search email addresses

  • April 2002Check your Internet speed (Auatralia only), Parasite detector, free second level domain names, Microsoft Powerpoint viewer

  • May 2002 Image viewer "Irvanview"

  • June 2002 Clicking Urls

  • July 2002 Must have freeware Open office (Word processor, spreadsheet etc comparable to MS Office), new free email program "Incredimail"

  • August 2002Increase your modem speed(for Australians), stop pop ups,New search engine "all the web"

  • September 2002Yet another browser "Crazy browser", comments on the "Opera" browser, undelete program "restoration"

  • October 2002"PC Pitstop check your computer", a widely recommended tuning program, "Kartoo" search engine, "Readplease" (read aloud program), Powerpoint presentation,Computer education for Seniors, "Irfanview" image program.

  • February 2003Recommended Firewall "Zone Alarm", comment on viewing images.

  • March 2003 Speed up your browser with "avant" browser, slow email downloads, recommended spam/virus/worm control, PC Pitstop program to find out why your computer is not performing.

  • April 2003Hoaxes and false warnings, adding a counter to your website "", How to find out what your computor error messages means.

  • May 2003System analysis tool, interactive units converter (converts inches into centimeters etc), computer support (on-line help line) "Star Support"

  • June 2003Free Thesaurus and dictionary program "word web".

  • July 2003Email viruses explaned, free graphic programs, Avast anti-virus program, free unzip program "FreeZip", "Knowledge Base" information website.

  • August 2003Control your email with "Mailwasher", developing a security strategy,tour the Universe, for free

  • October 2003Explanation of deleted files not really deleted, Controlling Spam with "Spybot search and destroy" and "Add Aware".

  • November 2003Spam explained, convert your email address on your website into code, new search engine "MOOTER", .sit files explained, "Abode Acrobat" (PDF reader)

  • December 2003Block pop ups with "Popup-blocker",MS Windows "Registry Cleaner", Free PDF creation tool, improve GOOGLE searches, Latest fast browser "Mozilla".

  • February-2004Zipper and unzipper, Unlimited freeware, 1000+ freeware links, Ram testing program, mailwasher - to bounce or not to bounce.

  • March 2004New Browser - Mozilla Firefox 08, Scumware Check, Spam Report, Email encoder, Mouse maintenance.

  • April 2004Mailwasher - to blacklist or not, Email stripper, Computer parasite Information.

  • May 2004MS Powerpoint viewer, stop pop ups program by Panicware, Use your scanner and printer as a copy machine.

  • June 2004Ray Shaw's website and his Newsletter for computer tips, password Keeper, the 10 commandments of Email.

  • July 2004Stop Pop Ups Program, End it all Program, Kerio Firewall.

  • August 2004Cleaning Program.

  • September 2004Pegasus Mail, Coffee Cup ftp, Mallware boot camp, Freeware downloads, Plaxo addressbook and Hijach this..

  • October 2004Website with many free programs, 'OE' removed attachments comment, MS Servicepack 2 comments and what you should do to protect your computer.

  • November 2004ClipOmatic tool for copying multiple items, Email address encoder, Security analyzer, Recommended antivirus program Avast and AVG, File sharing (two websites)

  • December 2004 Cookie wall, is it a virus or a hoax, e-mail advice, Belarc Advisor, Real Player alternative program, Fire Fox, website for seniors on the computer.

  • February 2005 Guidelines for Seniors 'Surf the Net Safely', Computer file cleanup facility, Update your 'Spybot', Computer cookies "register your advertising optout', 'AJOUR' calendar/diary program, Microsoft anti spy program, SKYPE free computer to computer phone calls program.

  • March 2005 New computer purchase information, more Skype information, update your anti virus program, file recovery programs, bandwidth speed test.

  • April 2005 Automatic Window resizer, Firewall - ZoneAlarm or Winddow's SP2 firewall?, Computer details summary via 'Belarc', 'I have mail' sound in Outlook express, recommended essential programs.

  • May 2005 'Ask Jeeves' search engine, Outlook Express - sound for 'you have mail', Firefox fix, Satellite Maps, Pop Up Stopper 'Panicware'.

  • June 2005 Speed up your computer - adjust your settings, Print thumbnail pictures, Voice over the internet - Wavigo, Optical document reader, Image and photo manipulation program - Paint.Net.

  • July 2005 Start up monitor - to keep control of programs added to your start up program, Free programs - a usefull source, Picasa - a picture handling application, BHODemon - a malicious objects guardian.

  • August 2005 Conversion formulae, Performance tip: Prune your Prefetch, Web tool PHP and HTML Designer 2005, Hint from West Australian Seniors website, The literary machine, Legacy - family tree program.

  • September 2005 International Time Clock, Word Processor 'Abi Word', Safe surfing via MS Explorer browser - article in the 'Langa Letter', Spell Checker program, PC Hell - removes Trojans, Worms and Viruses, Rhyme Words program, Hard drive monitor, Skype plug in for digital camera.

  • October 2005 Google Earth Map - Use forward when sending emails with images, Use the 'print screen' key to copy a desktop image, another computer to computer program 'Google talk', Nextaris - interesting website - multi search engine etc.

  • November 2005 Basic word processor "JARTE" - an improvement on Microsoft's Word Pad, TadAust Connect - an ISP for Australian Seniors, Reg Cleaner 'EasyClean', Dumb programs outlined, advise on mobile security - record your unique mobile number.

  • December 2005 Kerio Personal Firewall, Using 'Run' or 'Save', Graphic Software 'A Square Image', Win Patrol, Reg Cleaner 'Reg Seeker', Pictures in your email.

  • February 2006 Safe computing - recommended steps from the 'Langa Letter', 'Save Images' hint, Graphics Editor 'Inkscape', Test your Internet speed, Optical reading program, Computer games 'Live Brain' and other games.

  • March 2006 Advice US Govt Authority about your Spam, How to add music to your email, Saving background music from your email, Deleted files restore program, Password keeper, Jewish Museum, Academic research website.

  • April 2006 Viewing images in your email, Can't view attachments in your email?, WaxMail (voice message attached to email), Record MP3's, Keyboard shortcuts.

  • May 2006 World clock, Desktop links, Save picture of screen, List2 program (creates lists or tables), Red Player (program for DVD's, video, flash etc. files), Recover from crashed computer.

  • June 2006 Start up tool, Wikipedia, Snippets Bank 1.1, Inkwell Newswatch.

  • July 2006 Spam Watch, a Australian Govn program, Gutenberg ebook library, Fireworks program, Icon factory.

  • August 2006 Abi Word word processor, International timeclock, spell checker for Outlook Express, Rhyme word program.

  • September 2006 Clear type view for LPG monitors program, Smart data recovery tool, Health world website.

  • October2006 Diary program, Bandwidth test, Acoo browser, Cayman browser, Computer hacking information.

  • November2006 Create your own comics (for Mac users only), Find your mobile identity number.

  • December2006 Xenu reg cleaner, Back up your email with outlook express.

  • February 2007 Avery Wizard (format and print labels), Quartz audio master (mix and share music), Error Nuker (Registry cleaner), Full scam list, E-book builder.

  • March 2007 Data Doctor Password Unmask, Vista Reviews, Gif Splitter, Getting the best out your XP operating system.
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