Our previous home in Cornubia

Standing at our terrace at the back of the house the outlook is towards the backfence, beyond this being the wildlife corridor comprising native bush. Our backyard of about 500 sqm is a microcosm of rainforest trees, shrubs and the like.

From the terrace A kookaburra Eating kookaburra

At the backdoor Two more

Jasmine creeper covering the sail support pole

Parakeets feeding The birdhouse Elephant ears plant and Bunya Palm tree

The Frogpond Lillies

View of the center of the backyard during early Summer 2000

Autumn view - May 2001

Another view

August 2001

Installing the Urn View of terrace at night

October 2001

Rear view of the house

Margaret's potting table Center view

March 2002

photo of boobookBoobook in tree photo of Tailand GingerTailand Ginger fungi on terrace wallFungi on terrace wall

Latest view of our bushland back garden, September 2002 September 2002 view

Hennie van Dyk